Visiting, Links & Contacts

Lundy is owned by the National Trust and leased to the Landmark Trust. The church and cemetery are the property of the Church of England. The church is always open as a place of worship, prayer, study or shelter. Since the church does not have any permanent representative on the island, please direct any questions during your visit to the island staff.

From late March to late October (i.e. during British Summer Time) the island’s ferry, MS Oldenburg, sails to the island 3 to 4 times a week from Bideford or Ilfracombe, bringing staying visitors and day trippers. At other times of year a helicopter service brings staying visitors to the island – day trips are not possible.

The Landmark Trust operates 23 properties, sleeping 1 to 14, on the island for staying visitors. In addition, the church’s vestry is also available for 2 people.

• For details of visiting or staying on Lundy please visit the island’s website:

• Lundy is part of the Hartland Coast Mission Community benefice:

• The Lundy Field Society is a partner in the St Helen’s Centre. Founded in 1946, it promotes the study of all aspects of Lundy’s archaeology, history and natural history.

• The Lundy Island Society of Change Ringers does not currently have a website.

• For church safeguarding information visit our Safeguarding page.