Aerial photos of St Helen’s

We are grateful to Marc Holmes who was able to take a series of photos using his drone camera of the poor state of the church roof. You can clearly see the damaged areas and patching up that has been done in recent years. The ridge stones are in an especially parlous state.

Your support will help us re-roof the church securing the fabric of the building for many years to come. Internal investigations have shown that the supporting timbers are in an advanced state of decay and risk of complete loss is high especially if the winter storms are particularly severe.

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Reverend Brenda Jacobs is the new Team Rector of the Hartland Coast Mission Community

At the end of April we welcomed the Reverend Brenda Jacobs as the Vicar of Lundy when she was installed as the Team Rector of the Hartland Coast Mission Community at St Nectan’s church, Stoke in Hartland.

Brenda joined the PCC when they travelled over to Lundy earlier that month and she attended a service led by Reverend Chris Baillie. We look forward to seeing her on the island as often as possible.

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St Helen’s Centre, Lundy wins Heritage Lottery Fund support

The St Helen’s Centre Steering Group was delighted to receive initial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for the conservation and development of the St Helen’s Centre on Lundy.

The Group aims to undertake major works to the church to provide a new centre on the island for learning, research and worship. Development funding of £74,900 has been awarded to the St Helen’s Centre Steering Group to help them progress their plans and to apply for a full grant at a later date.

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